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Private Guided Tours

Professional guided tours in Zanzibar and Tanzania.
Choose a professional and experienced tour guide during your visit in Zanzibar !

Free Wi-FI during the tours

During our tours, in the network area coverage, i will create a hotspot so you can have internet access to share your photos, check email, or to chat with your friends or family.

Airport Transfers

At your arrival in Zanzibar, I can arrange transfer from the airport to the hotel where you stay, or, at request, trasfer from the hotel to the location you want to visit during your vacation.

27/7 Assistance

As your guide in Zanzibar, you can call me 24/7 for any requests, inquiries, advices, or in case of emergencies. At request, I can provide mobile phone with local number.

Prison Island

Stone Town

Spice Tour

The Rock